Friday, July 27, 2012

Carlo Rossi RSW RGI 1921-2010

The Carlo Rossi RSW RGI Memorial exhibition comes to an end this Sunday.  What an amazing experience it has been.  A poignant, but genuinely happy time.

It has been wonderful for me to observe the appreciation that so many people have for Carlo's work, and for Carlo the man.

Hundreds of people have visited over the last four weeks to take this opportunity to view Carlo's collection of works, possibly for the last time.  He has left a remarkable legacy, although he possibly wouldn't have seen it like that.  He just loved to paint.

This is the last painting that Carlo was working on when he went into hospital.  He so wanted to get back and finish it.  I hope he doesn't mind us seeing it unfinished, but I think it is quite beautiful.  The colour so vibrant and the outlook serene and magical.

I do hope that Carlo would have been happy with the exhibition, the glowing response, and the many sales that we couldn't have predicted.  So many of his paintings will be going to good homes to be loved and appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition, to Carlo's sons Paolo and Mario and also to the extended family for being so encouraging.  And thank you to Carlo.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Three Person Exhibition

Paintings for the next exhibition have arrived at the gallery!  It's going to be all change soon, which means saying goodbye to an exhibition I love, but it is also an exciting time.

After the current Carlo Rossi RSW RGI Memorial exhibition, we are exhibiting works by three fabulous artists - David Smith RSW, Sian MacQueen RSW and David Martin RSW RGI.


David Smith RSW

A three-person exhibition hopefully contrasts, compares and distinguishes each artist. But it will only be successful if each artist has a strong individual style and also the work succeeds in complementing the other artists. I have always found it difficult to define why work from different artists can complement.  But I know it when I see it!


Sian MacQueen RSW

I have admired these three artists for a long time.  Their individual styles are strong, yet there is a softness of tone and almost a whimsical take on their subject matter.  All are recipients of various awards in recognition of their outstanding works and I am already getting excited about hanging their paintings together.  


David Martin RSW RGI

I never really know how an exhibition is going to look and feel until it is all hung, but I have that feeling deep down that it is going to work well, full of contrasts, complements and distinction.  Just what we want from a three-person exhibition.

This exhibition opens on 12th August.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Light Fantastic

I think I saw a sliver of blue sky this morning, and it has put me in the mood to celebrate all things sun-drenched, warm and golden.

Monteriggioni, Siena

The late Carlo Rossi is famed for his Italian scenes, and anyone who has been to Italy knows that the light really does have this effect on the landscape.  A kind of a golden twinkle that captured Carlo's heart and imagination.  

La Fornacetta, Barga

He would capture this light with his oils, celebrate it really, and his paintings would come alive.  A beautiful subject, made more beautiful.

Sommocolono, Garfagnana

People who have come to see this memorial exhibition have been in awe of this very large Venetian scene.  Not only do many people have happy memories of Venice, but this painting exquisitely portrays the beauty and romance of the incomparable 'floating' city 

Palazzi on The Canal Grande, Venice

Somebody today commented that it looked like a 'fairytale land'.  I liked this because I don't think that this was Carlo's intention, it was just the way it came through his brush.

Bomarzo, Lazio

Many of these paintings have sold, but each and every one that hasn't yet is beautiful. This special exhibition has been extended to run until 29th July.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Silver Lining

When I love something, I love love love it!  It took me a long time to find a jeweller whose work I loved enough to exhibit at the gallery.  

Byzantine Bracelet with Dragonfly

Sarah Anderson is a jeweller and an artist, and it shows in her work.  That is what I was looking for.  Each piece is designed with flair, and exquisitely hand-made in sterling silver or pearl.

Flatmail Necklace with Hammered Heart

Another important aspect to me is affordability.  I wanted beautiful one-off pieces of quality still to be within most peoples' reach.  I realise that sometimes the price of a painting would be stretching the pockets, and it is important to me that unique and beautiful works can be owned by anyone.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Hammered Heart

These are just a few examples of the work we have on show.  Prices range from £40 for smaller pieces, up to around £240 for the more intricate necklaces.

Queens Link Necklace with Large Link

Sarah also loves input from the customer, and we often work with the client with different elements of the jewellery to create a piece completely unique to them.

Curb Bracelet with Hammered Square and Oyster Pearl

We will be showing Sarah's work for as long as people love it as much as I do!

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Friday, July 13, 2012


I love the way our Carlo Rossi RSW RGI Memorial exhibition looks and feels.  Each exhibition transforms the gallery space and sometimes you have an exhibition that you wish could go on and on, such is the positive impact it has.

An exhibition of work does not have to have a positive feel to make an impact - all impact is good - but when it does, it creates a happy and peaceful atmosphere which washes over people as they enter.  It's a rare and powerful thing.

Some visitors have already been back more than once to view this exhibition.  Some cannot believe that this is possibly the last time Carlo's work will be publicly exhibited. 

People seem passionate about the beauty he has created.  Observing this response has touched me, as I realise that these memorial exhibitions (ours is the last of three) have been the most immense tribute to the man, to Carlo.

I wasn't really expecting this memorial exhibition to be a happy experience, but it has been.  Some very kind people have said how proud Carlo would have been.  I hope so.

The exhibition continues until 29 July.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coming Next!

The Carlo Rossi Memorial Exhibition is attracting a record number of visitors to the gallery and I'm happy to say that it is continuing until the end of July. In August we have something completely different and I am hoping this exhibition will attract just as many.  

I have invited three of my favourite artists to exhibit together for the first time. These three artists are all at different stages in their careers and their works are completely distinctive, just the way I like it!  What they do have in common are accolades galore i.e. there will be a lot of letters after names!

First of all, we are delighted to be exhibiting the wonderful David Martin RSW RGI.

David Martin RSW RGI - Four Green Beans

David is one of the most well-respected Scottish artists working today.  He is a little older than most being in his late eighties, and yet he is one of the most in demand.  He is always working toward a solo exhibition in London, and we are very lucky to be able to exhibit this many of his stunning works together.  I'm a huge fan.

David Martin RSW RGI - Kirkcudbrightshire Landscape

Showing alongside David is Sian MacQueen RSW.  Sian is a younger artist currently making a name for herself and winning well-deserved awards.  

Sian MacQueen RSW - Lily's Table

Unmistakably hers, the paintings are exquisitely soft, surreal and serene and yet full of texture.  They are beautiful and dream-like and I must have one!  

Sian MacQueen RSW - Journey to Jura

Our third artist is David Smith RSW.  David is something really special.  He is utterly dedicated to his painting and this dedication and talent has recently taken off. Not only has he been awarded membership of  RSW (Royal Scottish Society of Watercolourists) but solo exhibitions are now abounding.

David Smith RSW - Summer Evening, Berneray

David has a beautiful, subtle painting style that lifts his subject matter, breathes life into it and imbues it with a kind of joy.  This reflects the artist himself and I'm so glad he is becoming so well known, and equally pleased that we get to exhibit his wonderful works alongside these two other special artists.

David Smith RSW - Fisherman's House, Coll

 The exhibition doesn't open until 12 August.  This is just a note for the diary!

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Women in Love

Carlo Rossi's career spanned seventy years, and part of the beauty of having this retrospective exhibition of works through the decades, is the different focus that becomes apparent at different times in his life.

Throughout his career, but particularly later in life, Carlo's love for the beauty of Italy can be see most frequently.

Palazzi on The Canal Grande, Venice, 2001

Bomarzo, Lazio, 2005

Monteriggioni, Siena, 2004

From the 1950s onwards, Carlo was inspired by the Cubist movement when is came to his still life painting. This early 20th century movement pioneered by Picasso and Braque was incredibly influential, changing the face of painting forever, and would be impossible for a young artist to ignore.

Duet, 1982

Carlo was very successful at deconstructing the objects and the space around them, creating bold reconstructions but also very subtle ones.

Still Life Bisleri, 1975

But it's a group of paintings in 1955 that fascinate me.  Carlo's body of work is mainly made up of landscape and still life, but around this time, there is a series of female figures in all their differing moods.

Blue Girl, 1955
Nude With Crossed Arms, 1955
Girl in Green Dress, 1955

I guess it's not surprising that a man in his mid-twenties may have been preoccupied with love.  And I think Carlo was a true romantic

Donne Innamorate, 1955

This stunning painting - Women in Love - is classical in style and an unashamed ode to the gentleness and warmth of love.  It is optimistic and peaceful, and I think this painting reflects the nature of the man the most.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Opening

The organising of the Carlo Rossi RSW RGI Memorial Exhibition has felt like something special from the outset, and I wanted the opening on Sunday to be extra special.

Once the exhibition had been hung, the gallery felt very peaceful and Carlo's gentle paintings through the decades brought a serenity to the gallery that made me smile.  I realised that this Memorial exhibition was not a sad occasion, but a very uplifting, warm and celebratory one.

Scenes of Italy, Glasgow, still life and figurative works fill the gallery, all with Carlo's unmistakable touch.

And with everything in place . . . . 

. . . . the crowds arrived and it was a truly lovely day. 

I am so pleased to say that the appreciation of Carlo and his paintings has been very touching, especially for the family.  Undoubtedly a great artist, but also a lovely man who has left us such a beautiful collection of works.

Several of Carlo's paintings have already been sold and will be going to good homes at the end of the exhibition.

You can view the exhibition on

Paolo Rossi

Thank you to everyone who attended the opening, but a very special thank you to Paolo Rossi, Carlo's son, for asking us to pay this special tribute.

The exhibition continues until 22 July.

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