Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Good Week

We have had a great start to our annual Affordable Art Show this week.

This exhibition comprises smaller works by many of our favourite artists and I think lots and lots of sales should be acknowledged and are always worth celebrating.

You Can't Lose What You Never Had by Ashley Cook

This is the first time we have exhibited screen prints by Ashley Cook.  They are really quite beautiful.  Two are already off to good homes.

Red River by James Cosgrove PAI

I am a huge fan of James Cosgrove PAI.  Once a tutor and Deputy Director of the Glasgow School of Art, James' style is one of intricate design, but also of vivid expression.  I'm really glad to see work like this selling.

Sweet Peas by Neil MacDonald PAI


The tender brush of Neil MacDonald PAI couldn't be resisted by one of our regular customers.  Neil is well known for his perspective-defying landscapes, but this little flower painting has all the gentle tonal quality that Neil's work is known for.

Best Friends Forever by Stanley Bird

Stanley Bird's paintings have been selling very well with us.  People love the delicate detail of his animal and bird subjects paired with bold and flattened, colourful backgrounds

Perfume Bottles by Jane Charles

Of course the applied arts are always a great hit during The Affordable Art Show.  I have to say we are almost running out!  Sculptor Tom Allan has sold most of his pieces, as has glass artist Jane Charles.  Lesley Carruthers, who works in metal is also a big hit.
Well done to all the artists who have already sold works, but it's only week one!  This exhibition runs until 24 February.  There's more on the exhibiting artists on the website:
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ashley Cook

I have been a fan of Ashley Cook's for a long time and I'm delighted to now be exhibiting her work for the first time in our Affordable Art Show.

Moving Towards a Singularity

Ashley graduated from Glasgow School of Art with First Class BA Hons in 1986 and Postgraduate Printmaking in 1987, and it shows.  

Instantly recognisable, her works are intricate, engaging and beautiful. They are predominantly screen prints, but she has moved into the use of digital imagery as well.


La Belle Epoque

She uses an intense palette of colour opposites that create a dreamlike and sometimes nocturnal quality to her work.

9 Out of 10 People Like Chocolate and the 10th May Be a Liar

She is one of the few people who, since graduating, has been a professional artist. She has been very busy winning awards, exhibiting internationally and undertaking many international residencies.

Fly Close To The Sun

Cook has work in a number of prestigious collections nationally and internationally including: the Scottish Arts Council; The BBC, Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, Glasgow; The Vaasa Museum, Finland and Galeria Otra Vez, Los Angeles.

The Garden of Good and Evil

I think her work is quite beautiful. I also like the way the titles are of importance.  As if the imagination hadn't been piqued enough, the title takes you even further away to some place else, even if just for a moment.

Ashley will be exhibiting with us until 24th February.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Preview

I love a good preview, and there is so much preparation that goes in to one. 

First and foremost, a good exhibition is about the work, the invited artists who put together an impressive collection to engage their audience.  But for a good opening, there are all the details that make up an enjoyable experience for our much-appreciated customers and artists.

I love a good spread

I love beautiful flowers

I love a roaring fire and a sprinkling of chocolates

 But most of all I love people!  

I love it when the doors open and a continuous flow of people come through for the three hours of the preview.  This is never-ever guaranteed, and it's a delight every time to see so many people coming, enjoying the exhibition, but also meeting friends and having a good time.

The many sales are the necessary icing on the cake, but it's the crowd that pleases me most, enjoying the space and all the details that I thought maybe only mattered to me.

Thank you to every one who came on Sunday.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Almost Ready

The paintings are almost all hung and we are getting excited about our Affordable Art Show opening this Sunday.

Starting to Hang the New Work

I love these few days when we are very busy seeing the exhibition take shape.  We have to close for this, but people love to come in at this point and get a sneaky peak at the work on show.  And I'm pleased to say we have a really beautiful exhibition of works. And the pre-sales are already reflecting this.

Taking Shape

All pieces are priced under £500, but not all are small works.  We have larger screen prints and drawings as well, and this is one of the things I love about this annual exhibition.

Works by Newcomer Vanessa Lawrence

The variety is huge with works from regular gallery artists but also artists who are new to the gallery.

Beautiful Works by David Schofield

Smaller Sculpture by Tom Allan

The one thing the works have in common is that they're affordable!

You are very welcome to join us this Sunday 20th January, 2pm to 5pm, to celebrate our first exhibition of 2013 with champagne and canapes!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Affordable Art Show

After a lovely Christmas break, we are back and delighted to be organising one of our favourite exhibitions, our annual Affordable Art Show.

Ashley Cook

We invite many of our favourite artists to put together a collection of works under £500.

What results is a fabulous mix of bright, beautiful and affordable works by some of Scotland's best talent.

James Cosgrove PAI

It's a great way to kick-start the year and bring a smile to peoples' faces in a not-so-bright January.  The exhibition opens this Sunday, 20th January, and here is just a small preview of the delights on show.

Helen Fay

There will be a huge variety of artists exhibiting.  As well as the ones featured here, we will also be showing smaller works by Henry Fraser, Gordon Wilson, Laura Harrison, David Schofield, James David, Alice McMurrough, Neil MacDonald PAI, Alan King PAI, Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE and many others.

Colin Brown

We also love to showcase the applied arts in this exhibition, and we will have works by sculptor Tom Allan, glass by Jane Charles as well as several jewellery and ceramic artists.

This exhibition preview on Sunday 20th January at 2pm.

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