Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hanging The Exhibition

We are busy hanging our new exhibition 'To See the Summer Sky', a solo exhibition of paintings by Jenny Matthews.
Jenny is one of Scotland's foremost watercolour artists and we are adorning the gallery walls with twenty nine of her beautiful paintings.
Hanging a new exhibition is always such a pleasure as the gallery takes on a new life. 
Jenny is known mainly for her flower paintings, her love of the subject began on Scottish Highland holidays as a child. Since then it has been her passion to seek out flowers and plants wherever she goes.

This exhibition is already taking on the feel of this - the wonder at natural beauty and in particular the fleeting nature of flowers.

We have a quite a way to go before the preview on Sunday, but we are getting there.  It's going to be a stunning exhibition.  It previews this Sunday, 2-5pm with champagne and flowers!
All the paintings can be viewed now on

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