Friday, June 28, 2013

Come Rain or Shine

It has gone from very warm and sunny outside to very dark and rainy so we are going bright today!

Ab Fab Finch by Stanley Bird

In the last post we highlighted some of the more atmospheric, evocative pieces of work in our Summer Exhibition.   

Blue Summer by Kevin Low

The paintings here are more heart-stopping visual statements, each one as intriguing as the next.

Russian Doll by Cathy Campbell

The wealth of talent in Scotland always amazes me.  I've simply chosen six paintings from this exhibition, and look at the strength and variety.  

Ace of Clubs by David Martin RSW RGI

Through creating their work, our artists are very strong, definitive and expressive. I have a theory that the Scottish weather has something to do with it.  Weather by definition, is ever-changing.  And with it so does the light, tone, mood, our clothes, what we spend time doing.

Bravo by Colin Brown

I think this nurtures a great spectrum of how the individual interprets the world around them.

Seeking The Source by Ashley Cook

 Maybe I'm just trying to feel good about the rain.  I'm typing this with damp hair.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We have a wonderful mix of artists taking part in our current Summer Exhibition.  We have bright and beautiful, but what we have the most of all is atmosphere.

Fortress, Dunnotar by Neil MacDonald RGI PAI

I love works that emote. To be able to evoke different emotions isn't usually down to subject matter.  It's something else entirely.

An Imagined Kiss by Kevin Low

We can have landscape, figurative, still life that make us feel, winsome, intrigued, hopeful, a little sad.

Wishbone by Cathy Campbell

This occurs when the artist gives of themselves and the viewer connects.  Possibly in as many ways as different as the individual, but this is what a good piece of art does, it makes us feel different from how we felt just before viewing, it brings something to us.

Wraith by Margaretann Bennett RSW

It stops us in our tracks, or makes our minds whirr, or takes us to a different place in our present or in our memories.

The Mists of Time By Joyce Gunn Cairns VAS SSA

It makes us wonder about life, or love or nature, or childhood, or a million other things.  Good art is a very special gift that an artist gives to others and to themselves, although never the twain will meet.

Patacake by Alice McMurrough RGI PAI

It's a very evocative exhibition and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such work.

To view more of the exhibition, please go to:

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Exhibition

What a gorgeous day Sunday was for the Summer exhibition opening.  I think it was the first time in eight years that the sun shone for this particular exhibition.  I was thrown.

This is a strong exhibition of around twenty artists and it had a wonderful response on Sunday.

Bright and beautiful, and pale and enigmatic, there is a great variety of contrasting talents which is what I hope for in a mixed exhibition.

Many thanks to the artists and art-lovers who made the opening a lovely and successful day.

Exhibiting artists can be found on:

A big thank you to everyone, but particularly artist Joyce Gunn Cairns for coming all the way from Edinburgh.  She is always a delight and happened to sell two pieces as well, which ain't half bad.  Well done Joyce!

This exhibition runs until 12th July.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Hanging The Show

We're busy hanging the Summer Exhibition which previews this Sunday.  And here's a look at the storm before the calm!

After two solo exhibitions, hanging a large mixed exhibition is always a challenge.  With around twenty very different artists taking place, the aim is to balance each piece with the work that surrounds it, whilst trying to get everything up without over-crowding or too much compromise.

It's not always easy, but it's a challenge I love.  Most importantly I want to create a show that people will enjoy.  As they wander round the gallery I want the mood to change from dark to light, from calm to exciting, until that person finds the reaction they are looking for.

They don't know this until they come to face to face with the piece of art that speaks to them.  A gorgeous and sometimes inexpicable feeling.

With work of this quality, I have been experiencing this at every turn, I have to concentrate on the exhibition on a whole and when all is calm and ready, I will be able to have a wander and find out which is my real favourite.

The Summer Exhibition previews this Sunday 16th June  from 2pm to 5pm.  All welcome.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here Comes Summer

The Steven Camley exhibition ended on Sunday with sales I'm delighted to say, right up to the last minute. A fabulous forty-five sold, and I really didn't want that show to end.

Margaretann Bennett RSW

But as the new work began to arrive for our Summer Exhibition, I could feel my head being turned by the most gorgeous works I've seen for a mixed show in a long time.

Cathy Campbell

We have a great line up of artists taking part, and the variety of talent just goes on and on.  Here are just some examples of the quality of work and the spectrum of media that will go to make a joyous collection for June and July.

Colin Brown

Other invited artists include John Kingsley PAI, David M Martin RSW RGI, Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI, Kevin Low, Ronald F Smith RSW RGI PAI, Laura Harrison, Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE, Sheila Macmillan and more.

Alice McMurrough RGI PAI

We will also have beautiful sculpture by Shaun McLaren and Lesley Carruthers, ceramics by Pauline Zelinski and jewellery by Sarah Anderson.

Patricia Cain RGI

The gallery will be bursting at the seams with works by some of my favourite artists, and I hope yours too.

Ashley Cook

We wil be hanging this exhibition all week in preparation for the preview this Sunday, 16th June.

Neil MacDonald RGI PAI

Do let me know if anything catches your eye.  Several pieces have sold already from the invitation and from images seen.

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Friday, June 07, 2013

Reaching 40 . . .

I am not generally a greedy person, but as the last weekend of the Steven Camley exhibition begins we have sold almost 40 of his paintings, and I don't think I can rest until we reach this milestone!

When Steven and I originally discussed the exhibition, we were happy that the works were at last going to be exhibited but we weren't sure what to expect sales-wise.

Steven has never exhibited the originals paintings behind his award-winning cartoons, and for me this was a whole new genre.

The response has been overwhelming, and this has been a special experience at the gallery, as sometimes the most unexpected things are.

The exhibition would not have happened without the encouragement of Alasdair Gray and sponsor Angela Mullane.  Many thanks to both of them for their support.

Alasdair Gray helping to choose the cartoons for the exhibition

And I can't thank Steven Camley enough for being a pleasure to work with and for filling the gallery with laughter.

Sponsor Angela Mullane with me, Steven, and wife Meg

The last day to see this exhibition is Sunday 9 June.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Last Week

The Steven Camley exhibition is in its last week, concluding on Sunday.  It has been an amazing experience and already a great success.

Fans of these daily Herald cartoons have been streaming through the gallery doors, and thirty two of these wonderful framed originals have sold already.

I have loved watching the appreciation for a true talent, and one that is a little different from what the gallery usually showcases.  It's truly lovely to feel horizons broaden.

I am already feeling a twinge of sadness at the thought of the end of this exhibition.  Some exhibitions feel like a unique experience, full of delight and new conversations.  This has been one of them.

But we have until Sunday!  More images can be viewed on:

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