Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We have a wonderful mix of artists taking part in our current Summer Exhibition.  We have bright and beautiful, but what we have the most of all is atmosphere.

Fortress, Dunnotar by Neil MacDonald RGI PAI

I love works that emote. To be able to evoke different emotions isn't usually down to subject matter.  It's something else entirely.

An Imagined Kiss by Kevin Low

We can have landscape, figurative, still life that make us feel, winsome, intrigued, hopeful, a little sad.

Wishbone by Cathy Campbell

This occurs when the artist gives of themselves and the viewer connects.  Possibly in as many ways as different as the individual, but this is what a good piece of art does, it makes us feel different from how we felt just before viewing, it brings something to us.

Wraith by Margaretann Bennett RSW

It stops us in our tracks, or makes our minds whirr, or takes us to a different place in our present or in our memories.

The Mists of Time By Joyce Gunn Cairns VAS SSA

It makes us wonder about life, or love or nature, or childhood, or a million other things.  Good art is a very special gift that an artist gives to others and to themselves, although never the twain will meet.

Patacake by Alice McMurrough RGI PAI

It's a very evocative exhibition and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such work.

To view more of the exhibition, please go to:  http://www.smithygallery.co.uk/currentExhibitions.htm

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