Friday, June 07, 2013

Reaching 40 . . .

I am not generally a greedy person, but as the last weekend of the Steven Camley exhibition begins we have sold almost 40 of his paintings, and I don't think I can rest until we reach this milestone!

When Steven and I originally discussed the exhibition, we were happy that the works were at last going to be exhibited but we weren't sure what to expect sales-wise.

Steven has never exhibited the originals paintings behind his award-winning cartoons, and for me this was a whole new genre.

The response has been overwhelming, and this has been a special experience at the gallery, as sometimes the most unexpected things are.

The exhibition would not have happened without the encouragement of Alasdair Gray and sponsor Angela Mullane.  Many thanks to both of them for their support.

Alasdair Gray helping to choose the cartoons for the exhibition

And I can't thank Steven Camley enough for being a pleasure to work with and for filling the gallery with laughter.

Sponsor Angela Mullane with me, Steven, and wife Meg

The last day to see this exhibition is Sunday 9 June.

Thanks for reading!


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