Friday, September 28, 2012

Beautiful Glass

I have been looking for special glass for exhibition at the gallery, and here it is!


Stunning bowls and perfume bottles.

Each piece is free blown, and hand finished to the highest quality.

There are a wide range of designs, colours and finishes.

Each one is more beautiful than the next!

And there are many more available at the gallery.

But I don't think they will be there for long!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Preview

Our new exhibition 'The Ayrshire Four' previewed this Sunday. As I was hanging the exhibition, I got that shiver of excitement as I could see the contrasting works were hanging very well together, and the gallery was yet again being transformed into something new.


I was really looking forward to seeing how this mix of artists would be received, and I am delighted to say it went off with a bang!

Ayrshire artist Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI is considered to be one of Scotland's finest painters and it was he who wanted to exhibit alongside three artists who also hail from Ayrshire - James Cosgrove PAI, Michael Durning PPAI and Euan McGregor.

We had one of our busiest previews to date and I want to thank all the art-lovers who came and enjoyed the opening of this exhibition. There was a fabulous atmosphere and even the sun came out to play.

I want to thank all four artists again for the beautiful works that have come together to create a stunning exhibition.

This exhibition runs until 28 October and the paintings can be viewed on line at:

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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Ayrshire Four

I've just finished hanging the new exhibition for it's preview this Sunday.  We have new collections by four very different artists (all from glorious Ayrshire) and I'm pleased to say they are hanging very happily together.

We have the fabulous Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI . . . . .

October Hillside, Ayrshire

The esteemed James Cosgrove PAI . . . . .

In The Sculpture Garden

The PAI President, Michael Durning PPAI . . . . . .


And the award winning Euan McGregor . . . . . .

Clouds Clearing Over Arran

As you can see, their styles are very different, but it works and the exhibition is looking fabulous, esteemed, presidential and award-winning!  Okay it looks pretty good!

There has been a lot of interest in these works already.  For a closer look, click on the following link:

And to get up close and personal, you are very welcome to join the artists at the gallery on Sunday 23 September, 2pm to 5pm, for the opening of the exhibition. 

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