Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mixed Media

We have around eighty paintings in this year's Affordable Art Show and I have noticed that there seems to be a greater spectrum of media than usual.
Oil - Sam Cartman
It is so refreshing to see this variety.  When I opened the gallery eight years ago, I noticed that paintings seemed to be predominantly oils, which is still as popular as ever, but there is room for so much more. 

Monoprint - Alice McMurrough RSW RGI PAI

The greatest addition is probably digital painting, where the computer (slightly more technical than this I think) is used as a medium to create the 'painting'.  Usually a very limited edition of them are printed.  Kevin Low is a great example of how this bold medium can be secondary to the work of art it is used to create.

Digital Painting - Kevin Low


And from digital, we have the Victorian technique of painting acrylic directly onto wood.  George Grant is best known for this.  He creates scenes on grained wooden panels, resulting in evocative images as if delved deep from the viewer's memories. 

Acrylic on Wood - George Grant
I love that these works can hang side by side, also along with mixed media, watercolour, and  many applied arts. 

Mixed Media - Cate Inglis

Of course there are no boundaries to creativity, and it's inspiring to see each individual find their medium, if not more than one.

Watercolour - David Martin RSW RGI

This exhibition continues until 23 February.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Affordable Sales!

Our annual Affordable Art Show is now in its sixth year and I think this year could be one of the best. 

We are lucky to have a great variety of artists showing this year and there has been a very enthusiastic response with sales for many different artists. 

Here is a celebration of some of the sales so far! 

Joyce Gunn Cairns

Stanley Bird

Margaretann Bennet RSW


Kevin Low

Henry Fraser


Cate Inglis

Ashley Cook

Anne Mendelow

We are delighted to say that we have now reached over 30 paintings sold with still a couple of weeks to go. Most artists have sold two or even three paintings and this response, particularly at the beginning of the year, creates such a ripple of enthusiasm for the gallery and the artists.

Our lovely applied arts should not be overlooked.  They also have a great appreciation during this exhibition. 

Jane Charles

Jane Charles creates beautiful glassware and her bowls and perfume bottles have been selling well.

Sarah Anderson

Our resident jeweller, Sarah Anderson is a constant seller, and has been helping many people out with presents and treats for themselves.
Pauline Zelinksi
Ceramicist Pauline Zelinski's gorgeous range of hand-painted creations have also been flying out the door.
Thank you to all our artists and customers.
This exhibition continues until 23 February.
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