Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Last Week

This is the last week of our Carol Dewart exhibition.  This stunning exhibition has had record visitors and a third of the paintings have already sold. 


Carol is a master of technique and each painting is a cacophony of style resulting in a highly detailed scene.


The paintings featured here are some of the beautiful works that are yet to sell. Most of the paintings are ordinary scenes around the artist's house and garden made extraordinary.

There is humour, light and colour in every painting resulting in an uplifting body of work.


This exhibition has brought sun, light and smiles into the gallery and every day it has been a delight to discuss the paintings with all the artists and art-lovers who have visited.  

This beautiful exhibition ends on Sunday 29 March.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

'It Happened Last Summer'

The opening of the Carol Dewart exhibition , 'It Happened Last Summer', went with a bang on Sunday!

Carol had been working on this collection of new paintings for a long time and the exhibition looked beautiful.

All the paintings are intricately patterned scenes from what the artist sees around her every day.  She makes the ordinary extraordinary. Each painting is also cleverly titled after a classic film which seems to add even more drama and individuality.
Carol's work is incredibly unique and it was no surprise that there was a such a fabulous turnout.


And with this fabulous response came fabulous sales.  A quarter of the paintings have been sold already, but thankfully each one is as special as the next, and every person seems to have a different preference.
Here are just some of the beautiful works that sold at the preview on Sunday.

Well done Carol!
The exhibition continues until 29 March.
Thanks for reading!