Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hanging Week

The Winter Exhibition opens this week and today we take down all the paintings from the last exhibition and begin to think about placing the new paintings around the gallery space.

This can be an overwhelming job with ninety paintings to consider, but it is also a great pleasure when we have works like these to choose from.

Alice McMurrough . . . . .


David Schofield . . . . 

If You Stay I Can't Go

Paul Barnes . . . . .

Sleepy Owls

Margaretann Bennett RSW . . . 


Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE . . .

Young Woman With Cat, Inspired by Gwen John

Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI . . . 

The Black Mirror

Neil MacDonald PAI . . . 


 . . . . and many, many more.  I'm looking around and there are beautiful paintings everywhere.  Everything will be hung for the preview on Sunday, and I can't wait to see the reaction.

More details on the website   http://smithygallery.co.uk/currentExhibitions.htm

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Winter Exhibition

Over this weekend, all of the new paintings are arriving for our upcoming Winter Exhibition.  This a is really enjoyable experience for me because I get to catch up with all the artists, meet some new invited ones, and open all the carefully wrapped packages like it's already Christmas!

I have invited around twenty-five painters and several applied artists to contribute to this large and varied collection in the run up to Christmas.

I already have that excited tingle that comes with being surrounded by strong and vibrant talent.  The work has only begun to arrive and already several pieces have sold over the last couple of days.  Always a sign of wonderful things to come.

Thankfully buyers are happy for the works to be kept for the exhibition.  It's important to me, and of course the artists, for the work to be seen.  This is what the gallery is for - for work to be viewed and enjoyed.

These are just snaps of the gallery today, but it's the paintings themselves that need to be seen.  The work that is arriving is truly gorgeous in so many different ways.  We are showing very distinctive artists whose work can't fail to capture the attention.

Images will be appearing on our website over the weekend.  Stay tuned!


The exhibition opens on Sunday 4th November.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Last Week

Our current exhibition featuring Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI, James Cosgrove PAI, Michael Durning PPAI and Euan McGregor ends this Sunday.

Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI

It has been a real eye-opener having four completely different artists' work hanging together.  The link between the artists is their Ayrshire background.  All four also happen to be good friends and wanted to exhibit together.  I loved this factor and it has made the exhibition feel warm and friendly, and that is how it has been received.

Euan McGregor

It has been interesting to watch how people have been equally interested in all of the work.  The work is so diverse, I was expecting viewers to like some works but not others.  But all the artists have received admiration from everybody.

James Cosgrove PAI

I realise that this is because they don't just hail from the same place, they are all very, very good at individual expression.  This is what I look for here at the gallery, because it is exciting.  I don't want all of the work to be to every body's taste, but I want people to be impressed.

Michael Durning PPAI

The exhibition continues to be a success, and it ends on Sunday.  Thank you to the artists and all the visitors so far.  Click on the link to view:


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Coming Soon . . . .

I know we are just getting used to Autumn, but I'm too excited about what's coming for our winter exhibition.  I promise it's not winter yet, it's just a sneaky peak!

Alice McMurrough

We have invited twenty-five artists to put together a collection that will warm the heart and thrill the eye.  Opening on 4 November, this exciting exhibition will take us all the way up to Christmas Eve.

Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI

Our invited artists include many Smithy favourites such as David Martin RSW RGI, Gordon Wilson, Margaretann Bennett RSW and Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI, but I'm very excited to say that they will be joined by several artists who are new to the gallery.

Gordon Wilson

Margaretann Bennett RSW

We are adding to our favourites with exciting artists such as David Schofield, Paul Barnes, John Kingsley PAI, Neil MacDonald PAI and Stanley Bird.

David Schofield

This is going to make for an incredibly bold and imaginative exhibition. Scotland seems to be burgeoning with talent, and I feel very lucky to be able to put together an exhibition which will showcase some of the creativity that is produced in this country.

Stanley Bird

Keep your eyes open for more information and for more preview images.  They are all so tempting, but too good to share all at once!

Paul Barnes

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI

The colour, tone, texture and beauty of paintings by Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI are never ignored in the gallery.  From the art-lover who knows that there is something very special about these paintings, to the artist who wishes he or she could paint like him.

Moon, Galloway

Sandy's presence always makes the gallery feel special - the paintings themselves, and also peoples' reactions to them.  I am so pleased to be exhibiting his works alongside his three Ayrshire contemporaries.

Blue Jug

The paintings speak for themselves, but people always want to know more about the artist behind them. Sandy Murphy was born in Irvine in 1956.  He studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1975 to 1980.  Having taught art in Ayrshire schools, he turned his full attention to painting in 1985 and has never looked back

October Hillside, Ayrshire

He has become one the country’s best painters and his work is loved and  respected by his contemporaries and art-lovers alike.  This is reflected by his many accolades and awards.  He has been the National Prize Winner of the Laing Competition several times. He has won the Sir Gillies Award (RSW), the Glasgow Art Club Fellowship award (RGI), amongst many others.  He was elected Royal Society of Watercolourists (RSW) in 1996, the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI) in 2000 and also the Paisley Art Institute (PAI) in 2010.

First Snow, Galloway

This is such an impressive awards list, but for me, it's the respect from other successful artists that is so telling.  Most painters, if not all, think highly of him.  He is regarded as in a class of his own, and I completely agree with this.  Although his modesty would belie this!

Galloway, Winter

I think he is so highly regarded by his contemporaries because of his talent, but also because of his motivation, his passion. For Sandy it's about the paint itself.  He creates colour, texture, dark and light, working on the painting as it hangs in his studio, with not necessarily a finished result in mind.

Storm Clouds

Coupling his talent with this place of freedom and purity is what leads to works that evoke mood, warmth, stillness, calm.  As never-ending as our spectrum of emotions.



Sandy's honest expression through paint, whether it happens to be a still life or landscape leads to beauty. And this is what makes him such a special artist.  And I don't believe anyone has just one Sandy Murphy painting - if you like him, you love him!

As always they are selling well.  Please click on the link to view Sandy's paintings.


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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Fabulous Jimmy Cosgrove

We are currently exhibiting works by James Cosgrove PAI (or Jimmy Cosgrove as he is more popularly known) as part of our four person exhibition of Ayrshire artists.

Sweet Dreams

This work is fabulously original and exciting.  Detail, tone, colour and energy all merging harmoniously to create dazzling works.

Passing Through

Jimmy is a very well-respected Scottish artist and designer who taught at Glasgow School of Art before becoming Deputy Director. He retired from academic life in 1999.

From a High Window

He is a now Director with the House for an Art Lover and has contributed to books on Art and Design, CR Mackintosh - and ART PARK Glasgow at Bellahouston Park, where he has a Sculpture fabricated in iron and steel titled; ‘Shipbuilding - Homage to Those Who Made the Clyde Great’.

The Magicians

His recent work in painting, drawing and collage is derived from travel in general and people and places in the west of Scotland in particular - including Arran and Ayrshire.

He often collects written and graphic observations in the form of short narratives often painted on postcards usually completed on location and posted home.

Autumn Visitor

His work hangs in several public collections including Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery; Scottish Arts Council; Glasgow School of Art; and Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

We are delighted to be exhibiting an artist of this standing.

The exhibition continues until 28 October.

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