Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Last Week

Our current exhibition featuring Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI, James Cosgrove PAI, Michael Durning PPAI and Euan McGregor ends this Sunday.

Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI

It has been a real eye-opener having four completely different artists' work hanging together.  The link between the artists is their Ayrshire background.  All four also happen to be good friends and wanted to exhibit together.  I loved this factor and it has made the exhibition feel warm and friendly, and that is how it has been received.

Euan McGregor

It has been interesting to watch how people have been equally interested in all of the work.  The work is so diverse, I was expecting viewers to like some works but not others.  But all the artists have received admiration from everybody.

James Cosgrove PAI

I realise that this is because they don't just hail from the same place, they are all very, very good at individual expression.  This is what I look for here at the gallery, because it is exciting.  I don't want all of the work to be to every body's taste, but I want people to be impressed.

Michael Durning PPAI

The exhibition continues to be a success, and it ends on Sunday.  Thank you to the artists and all the visitors so far.  Click on the link to view:


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