Friday, October 12, 2012

Coming Soon . . . .

I know we are just getting used to Autumn, but I'm too excited about what's coming for our winter exhibition.  I promise it's not winter yet, it's just a sneaky peak!

Alice McMurrough

We have invited twenty-five artists to put together a collection that will warm the heart and thrill the eye.  Opening on 4 November, this exciting exhibition will take us all the way up to Christmas Eve.

Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI

Our invited artists include many Smithy favourites such as David Martin RSW RGI, Gordon Wilson, Margaretann Bennett RSW and Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI, but I'm very excited to say that they will be joined by several artists who are new to the gallery.

Gordon Wilson

Margaretann Bennett RSW

We are adding to our favourites with exciting artists such as David Schofield, Paul Barnes, John Kingsley PAI, Neil MacDonald PAI and Stanley Bird.

David Schofield

This is going to make for an incredibly bold and imaginative exhibition. Scotland seems to be burgeoning with talent, and I feel very lucky to be able to put together an exhibition which will showcase some of the creativity that is produced in this country.

Stanley Bird

Keep your eyes open for more information and for more preview images.  They are all so tempting, but too good to share all at once!

Paul Barnes

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