Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Liz Knox Preview

We had been hanging the new Liz Knox exhibition all week and everything was ready and waiting.

Bright, bold and beautiful, but like the rest of the country on Sunday, the rain just kept pouring down!

And still they came!  And what better way to forget the grey outside than by surrounding yourself with this beautiful new collection of paintings by Liz Knox.

A successful exhibition preview is not only about lots of people attending, but it's about a great atmosphere. And a great atmosphere leads to lots of sales!

Thank you so much to the many artists and art-lovers who came and enjoyed the opening of this stunning exhibition.

A great day was had by all and several sales were the icing on the cake.

The paintings can be viewed on:  http://smithygallery.co.uk/currentExhibitions.htm

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Ready for Sunday

The Liz Knox PPAI PAI exhibition previews this Sunday and as always the hanging of the beautiful paintings starts off tentatively, and then starts to take shape into a rhythm of its own.
It is always a great moment when I turn round and the gallery looks anew.  Exciting and different.  And that's when I know that the hanging is going well and the new paintings are singing in tune with the space.

I never forget that the Smithy was the busy blacksmiths of this thriving village, and although its present incarnation is far more an appreciation of creativity and beauty rather than the practical hard work of the blacksmith who saw to the horses' shoes and the peoples' troubles, I like to think that we are still in tune with the history of the building and the people who lived here.


There is a certain resonance in the building that seems to breathe a sigh of relief when all of the mess and chaos starts to show balance and order.  Or perhaps that's just me!

Whatever it is, all I know is that with each exhibition, filling the space with new work feels like a brand new experience and I think that is because that it is.  The artist is always at the forefront of my mind as I carefully position the work that they have put so much time and care into.

So on Sunday we will have a gallery full of beautiful works by painter Liz Knox, accompanied by sculpture by Tom Allan.
For much more information, please click on the link:
This exhibition previews this Sunday 2-5pm, and continues until 17 November.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We are delighted to be hosting a solo exhibition of works by painter Liz Knox.  The exhibition previews this Sunday, and today we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the paintings in the gallery. 

Night Time Story


Orange Blinds, Amsterdam

It is always an exciting time when I see the new paintings being unwrapped.  Even at this point, the gallery begins to transform.  As you can see from just these three examples, Liz's work is going to look sensational as a collection.  Bright, bold, but with lots of layering and detail, the exhibition is going to be a feast for hearts and minds. 
We already have the exhibition available to view on our website:
Liz Knox is an incredibly well known and popular painter and already the interest in this exhibition has been huge.
Faun Najinsky
We also have a beautiful collection of sculpture by Tom Allan to accompany the exhibition.  These are also available to view on the website.
Exhibition dates are 29 October - 17 November.  It previews on Sunday 27th.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

The End of The Process

This is the last weekend of the Sandy Murphy RSW RGI RGI exhibition.  Whilst there were many beautiful framed paintings in this exhibition, I think the stars of the show were the very many painting studies. 

These are exquisite little mixed media, oil or gouache works that led to the larger paintings, but each one is a work of art in itself. 
These have been very reasonably priced and as a result many people have treated themselves to at least one beautiful work by Sandy Murphy.  Many people have commented on what a joy it is to see the process behind the final oil paintings.


All of the studies shown here are still available and are of course far more exquisite when seen in person!


Please do contact the gallery for more information about this exhibition.  It ends this Sunday at 5pm.

I want to send a huge thank you to Sandy Murphy for choosing Smithy Gallery for this special exhibition.  It has been an absolute joy to see the gallery full of inspired artists and very happy art-lovers.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Last Week

It is the last week of the Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI exhibition. And it has been a brilliant exhibition. So far! 

It has been one of our busiest exhibitions because not only are there are many collectors of Sandy Murphy's work all over the UK, but also so many artists are great admirers of his.


Over the last four weeks we have experienced a constant flow of visitors and we hope for this to continue until the last day on Sunday.

It has been a fascinating exhibition of the sketchbooks and studies that lead to the finished paintings. And the sales have happily reflected the appreciation of this process.


With half the exhibition sold, there are still many beautiful works available.  Somebody commented that this exhibition was a landmark for Sandy Murphy, but it has also been a landmark for Smithy Gallery.

The exhibition continues until Sunday 13 October.
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Friday, October 04, 2013

Coming Next . . . .

We are delighted to be welcoming Liz Knox PPAI PAI to the gallery at the end of October.
Bright Anemones 28 x 24 ins

I have admired this artist's unmistakable work through the years, never failing to notice it in various prestigious exhibitions.

Recurring Fancies 38 x 32 ins

Liz has been very busy working on new paintings to create a solo exhibition which I can't wait to see in the gallery. I can already tell that the collection is going to look stunning.

Summer Nights 28 x 22 ins

As you can see here her works are vibrant, bold and intricate, an intriguing combination.  The viewer is grabbed by the glorious colour and composition, but on closer inspection, there are layers of meaning held in the objects depicted in the painting.

Souvenirs and Sunflowers 32 x 32 ins

Liz Knox works predominantly in still life, but she has a completely unique and original take on it.  These are very much personal expressions, but with a rare generosity.  They are sharing secrets with the viewer.

A Fallen Petal 24 x 36 ins

Look out for much more on this exciting artist.  The exhibition dates are 29 October to 17 November, previewing on 27 October.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Glasgow Society of Women Artists

It is such an honour to be asked to judge an exhibition.  The Glasgow Society of Women Artists have recently asked me to award two prizes in their upcoming exhibition at The Lillie Art Gallery in Milngavie.



Originally established in 1882 by eight of the first women students at the Glasgow School of Art, the society now consists of around 150 artists who exhibit regularly in landmark Glasgow venues.

These exhibitions showcase the high standard of GSWA members' work in painting, sculpture, ceramics, textile art and jewellery.  Outstanding work is recognised by nine Awards that are adjudicated by external professionals and usually made every second year when the main exhibition is held at the Lillie Art Gallery.


So tomorrow is judging day, and when I think of how much time I spent trying to paint as a teenager and into my twenties, it really is a genuine privilege to be asked to judge artists who's painting talent goes way beyond anything that I was trying to do.

Thank you to the GSWA for asking me.

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