Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Ready for Sunday

The Liz Knox PPAI PAI exhibition previews this Sunday and as always the hanging of the beautiful paintings starts off tentatively, and then starts to take shape into a rhythm of its own.
It is always a great moment when I turn round and the gallery looks anew.  Exciting and different.  And that's when I know that the hanging is going well and the new paintings are singing in tune with the space.

I never forget that the Smithy was the busy blacksmiths of this thriving village, and although its present incarnation is far more an appreciation of creativity and beauty rather than the practical hard work of the blacksmith who saw to the horses' shoes and the peoples' troubles, I like to think that we are still in tune with the history of the building and the people who lived here.


There is a certain resonance in the building that seems to breathe a sigh of relief when all of the mess and chaos starts to show balance and order.  Or perhaps that's just me!

Whatever it is, all I know is that with each exhibition, filling the space with new work feels like a brand new experience and I think that is because that it is.  The artist is always at the forefront of my mind as I carefully position the work that they have put so much time and care into.

So on Sunday we will have a gallery full of beautiful works by painter Liz Knox, accompanied by sculpture by Tom Allan.
For much more information, please click on the link:
This exhibition previews this Sunday 2-5pm, and continues until 17 November.
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