Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We are delighted to be hosting a solo exhibition of works by painter Liz Knox.  The exhibition previews this Sunday, and today we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the paintings in the gallery. 

Night Time Story


Orange Blinds, Amsterdam

It is always an exciting time when I see the new paintings being unwrapped.  Even at this point, the gallery begins to transform.  As you can see from just these three examples, Liz's work is going to look sensational as a collection.  Bright, bold, but with lots of layering and detail, the exhibition is going to be a feast for hearts and minds. 
We already have the exhibition available to view on our website:
Liz Knox is an incredibly well known and popular painter and already the interest in this exhibition has been huge.
Faun Najinsky
We also have a beautiful collection of sculpture by Tom Allan to accompany the exhibition.  These are also available to view on the website.
Exhibition dates are 29 October - 17 November.  It previews on Sunday 27th.
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