Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Last Week

It is the last week of the Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI exhibition. And it has been a brilliant exhibition. So far! 

It has been one of our busiest exhibitions because not only are there are many collectors of Sandy Murphy's work all over the UK, but also so many artists are great admirers of his.


Over the last four weeks we have experienced a constant flow of visitors and we hope for this to continue until the last day on Sunday.

It has been a fascinating exhibition of the sketchbooks and studies that lead to the finished paintings. And the sales have happily reflected the appreciation of this process.


With half the exhibition sold, there are still many beautiful works available.  Somebody commented that this exhibition was a landmark for Sandy Murphy, but it has also been a landmark for Smithy Gallery.

The exhibition continues until Sunday 13 October.
Thanks for reading!

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