Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Preview

I love a good preview, and there is so much preparation that goes in to one. 

First and foremost, a good exhibition is about the work, the invited artists who put together an impressive collection to engage their audience.  But for a good opening, there are all the details that make up an enjoyable experience for our much-appreciated customers and artists.

I love a good spread

I love beautiful flowers

I love a roaring fire and a sprinkling of chocolates

 But most of all I love people!  

I love it when the doors open and a continuous flow of people come through for the three hours of the preview.  This is never-ever guaranteed, and it's a delight every time to see so many people coming, enjoying the exhibition, but also meeting friends and having a good time.

The many sales are the necessary icing on the cake, but it's the crowd that pleases me most, enjoying the space and all the details that I thought maybe only mattered to me.

Thank you to every one who came on Sunday.

Thanks for reading!


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