Friday, July 20, 2012

The Light Fantastic

I think I saw a sliver of blue sky this morning, and it has put me in the mood to celebrate all things sun-drenched, warm and golden.

Monteriggioni, Siena

The late Carlo Rossi is famed for his Italian scenes, and anyone who has been to Italy knows that the light really does have this effect on the landscape.  A kind of a golden twinkle that captured Carlo's heart and imagination.  

La Fornacetta, Barga

He would capture this light with his oils, celebrate it really, and his paintings would come alive.  A beautiful subject, made more beautiful.

Sommocolono, Garfagnana

People who have come to see this memorial exhibition have been in awe of this very large Venetian scene.  Not only do many people have happy memories of Venice, but this painting exquisitely portrays the beauty and romance of the incomparable 'floating' city 

Palazzi on The Canal Grande, Venice

Somebody today commented that it looked like a 'fairytale land'.  I liked this because I don't think that this was Carlo's intention, it was just the way it came through his brush.

Bomarzo, Lazio

Many of these paintings have sold, but each and every one that hasn't yet is beautiful. This special exhibition has been extended to run until 29th July.

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