Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coming Next!

The Carlo Rossi Memorial Exhibition is attracting a record number of visitors to the gallery and I'm happy to say that it is continuing until the end of July. In August we have something completely different and I am hoping this exhibition will attract just as many.  

I have invited three of my favourite artists to exhibit together for the first time. These three artists are all at different stages in their careers and their works are completely distinctive, just the way I like it!  What they do have in common are accolades galore i.e. there will be a lot of letters after names!

First of all, we are delighted to be exhibiting the wonderful David Martin RSW RGI.

David Martin RSW RGI - Four Green Beans

David is one of the most well-respected Scottish artists working today.  He is a little older than most being in his late eighties, and yet he is one of the most in demand.  He is always working toward a solo exhibition in London, and we are very lucky to be able to exhibit this many of his stunning works together.  I'm a huge fan.

David Martin RSW RGI - Kirkcudbrightshire Landscape

Showing alongside David is Sian MacQueen RSW.  Sian is a younger artist currently making a name for herself and winning well-deserved awards.  

Sian MacQueen RSW - Lily's Table

Unmistakably hers, the paintings are exquisitely soft, surreal and serene and yet full of texture.  They are beautiful and dream-like and I must have one!  

Sian MacQueen RSW - Journey to Jura

Our third artist is David Smith RSW.  David is something really special.  He is utterly dedicated to his painting and this dedication and talent has recently taken off. Not only has he been awarded membership of  RSW (Royal Scottish Society of Watercolourists) but solo exhibitions are now abounding.

David Smith RSW - Summer Evening, Berneray

David has a beautiful, subtle painting style that lifts his subject matter, breathes life into it and imbues it with a kind of joy.  This reflects the artist himself and I'm so glad he is becoming so well known, and equally pleased that we get to exhibit his wonderful works alongside these two other special artists.

David Smith RSW - Fisherman's House, Coll

 The exhibition doesn't open until 12 August.  This is just a note for the diary!

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