Friday, July 06, 2012

Women in Love

Carlo Rossi's career spanned seventy years, and part of the beauty of having this retrospective exhibition of works through the decades, is the different focus that becomes apparent at different times in his life.

Throughout his career, but particularly later in life, Carlo's love for the beauty of Italy can be see most frequently.

Palazzi on The Canal Grande, Venice, 2001

Bomarzo, Lazio, 2005

Monteriggioni, Siena, 2004

From the 1950s onwards, Carlo was inspired by the Cubist movement when is came to his still life painting. This early 20th century movement pioneered by Picasso and Braque was incredibly influential, changing the face of painting forever, and would be impossible for a young artist to ignore.

Duet, 1982

Carlo was very successful at deconstructing the objects and the space around them, creating bold reconstructions but also very subtle ones.

Still Life Bisleri, 1975

But it's a group of paintings in 1955 that fascinate me.  Carlo's body of work is mainly made up of landscape and still life, but around this time, there is a series of female figures in all their differing moods.

Blue Girl, 1955
Nude With Crossed Arms, 1955
Girl in Green Dress, 1955

I guess it's not surprising that a man in his mid-twenties may have been preoccupied with love.  And I think Carlo was a true romantic

Donne Innamorate, 1955

This stunning painting - Women in Love - is classical in style and an unashamed ode to the gentleness and warmth of love.  It is optimistic and peaceful, and I think this painting reflects the nature of the man the most.

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