Friday, July 13, 2012


I love the way our Carlo Rossi RSW RGI Memorial exhibition looks and feels.  Each exhibition transforms the gallery space and sometimes you have an exhibition that you wish could go on and on, such is the positive impact it has.

An exhibition of work does not have to have a positive feel to make an impact - all impact is good - but when it does, it creates a happy and peaceful atmosphere which washes over people as they enter.  It's a rare and powerful thing.

Some visitors have already been back more than once to view this exhibition.  Some cannot believe that this is possibly the last time Carlo's work will be publicly exhibited. 

People seem passionate about the beauty he has created.  Observing this response has touched me, as I realise that these memorial exhibitions (ours is the last of three) have been the most immense tribute to the man, to Carlo.

I wasn't really expecting this memorial exhibition to be a happy experience, but it has been.  Some very kind people have said how proud Carlo would have been.  I hope so.

The exhibition continues until 29 July.

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