Friday, July 27, 2012

Carlo Rossi RSW RGI 1921-2010

The Carlo Rossi RSW RGI Memorial exhibition comes to an end this Sunday.  What an amazing experience it has been.  A poignant, but genuinely happy time.

It has been wonderful for me to observe the appreciation that so many people have for Carlo's work, and for Carlo the man.

Hundreds of people have visited over the last four weeks to take this opportunity to view Carlo's collection of works, possibly for the last time.  He has left a remarkable legacy, although he possibly wouldn't have seen it like that.  He just loved to paint.

This is the last painting that Carlo was working on when he went into hospital.  He so wanted to get back and finish it.  I hope he doesn't mind us seeing it unfinished, but I think it is quite beautiful.  The colour so vibrant and the outlook serene and magical.

I do hope that Carlo would have been happy with the exhibition, the glowing response, and the many sales that we couldn't have predicted.  So many of his paintings will be going to good homes to be loved and appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition, to Carlo's sons Paolo and Mario and also to the extended family for being so encouraging.  And thank you to Carlo.

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