Friday, March 09, 2012

Box of Delights

To accompany Laura Harrison's bold and beautiful solo exhibition, we have a fabulous selection of ceramics, sculpture and jewellery.

The colourful ceramics by Pauline Zelinski have been incredibly popular since coming to the gallery.  These individually crafted, hand-painted pieces have flown out the door as presents or personal treats. 


Anne Morrison's thoughtful figurative work is at once commanding and contemplative and I always like to see her little figures finding some respite in the warmth of the gallery!

In contrast, we have dynamic sculpture by the wonderful artist Lesley Carruthers.  Sculpted in aluminium with brushed corrian bases, I'm delighted to say that these dramatic pieces have found there way into several art-lovers' homes and gardens.

Our favourite jeweller Sarah Anderson has again come up with a beautiful collection for Spring.  Our cabinet is full of delights, from intricately hand-woven sterling silver designs to delicate pearl pieces.  All hand-made and just a little bit different, her work always attracts a crowd around the jewellery cabinet, and most people end up going home with a piece.

New to the gallery is work by Michael Lythgoe.  Inspired mainly by wildfowl and waders, his stylised representations are sculpted beautifully from wood.  He manages to perfectly capture the individual character of each species, and this elegant collection has drawn much admiration.

Of course we can't forget the gallery's resident pooch who proudly guards the paintings at night!  This beautiful sculpture by Christine Cummings is one of only two left of her collection.

Thank you to all the talented artists who make the gallery sing with delights!

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