Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have a spring in my step, there is actual sun streaming into the gallery (it's gone now, but I swear it was there) and my diary is telling me that it's the first day of Spring!

I know that this happens every year, but sometimes it feels like a minor miracle that we have gotten through January and February and all the gloom that that time of year can sometimes bring.

There are so many things that can affect our mood in all of our different lives, but the one thing in life that we all experience at the same time are the seasons: their ever-changing weather and light.

With Spring comes growth and colour, and hopefully this positivity touches us, encouraging us to lift our heads up, to move forward and to feel a little bit more creative.

All of us are artists, or appreciators of art in it's many forms.  I am surrounded by the most beautiful, uplifting work at the gallery.  The work changes dramatically through the gallery's diary of exhibitions, but it is hopefully always inspiring.

These paintings by Laura Harrison are turning heads and encouraging everyone who views them to feel impressed and energised.

The exhibition as a whole is a beautiful and bold experience.  It continues until 8 April.

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