Friday, March 02, 2012

Opens Sunday!

When I finish hanging a new one-person exhibition, and the artist comes to view before the all-important private view, it's hard to explain all the different emotions and factors that seem to matter.

Most importantly, the artist has created new and original works that exemplify their talent and unique expression.  I have the pleasure of hanging the work in the gallery in a way that hopefully shows each piece off to its best advantage, whilst maintaining that the gallery is itself a creative space with an energy all of its own.

When it works, it almost becomes a marriage - in my romantic mind anyway - when it works, it feels right.  If it didn't work, every observer would know about it.

This strong exhibition - New Paintings by Laura Harrison opens this Sunday - and I want to thank the artist (my beautiful and talented mum) for creating such an impressive collection of vibrant works that have brought the gallery to life in a brand new way.

We are celebrating the opening of this very special exhibition on Sunday 4 March, 2pm to 5pm with delicious canapes and much champagne.  You are all welcome.

Thanks for reading!


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