Friday, March 16, 2012

Alasdair Gray & Joyce Gunn Cairns

I'm so incredibly excited about our next exhibition. 

We are lucky enough to be showing works by the inimitable Alasdair Gray in a joint exhibition with Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE.

Like so many people, I have always been a great admirer of Alasdair Gray's writings and artwork and I think he is perhaps Scotland's most talented and influential artist.

The gallery will provide a backdrop to a striking series of limited edition prints of his intricate drawings and illustrations.  These are very beautiful and are usually exhibited in large public spaces such as GOMA in Glasgow.

We are delighted that someone of Alasdair's stature and reputation will be coming to the gallery to show alongside the influential artist, Edinburgh's Joyce Gunn Cairns.  She has drawn Alasdair many times over the years.

These two artists, although very different, live and breathe their work.  They are both intellectuals who express their thoughts, emotions and creativity beautifully and powerfully in their art.

This promises to be a dynamic exhibition, with visuals to enjoy, words to consider and passions to explore.


The exhibition opens 15 April.

Thanks for reading!


(Alasdair Gray's images are courtesy of the artist and Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow)

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