Friday, March 30, 2012

Alasdair Gray & Joyce Gunn Cairns

I love creating a new invitation brochure for each exhibition.  The design is completely influenced by the exhibiting artist or artists, and the tone of their work.

I'm am thrilled to be organising an exhibition of works by famed writer and artist, Alasdair Gray, alongside Edinburgh's well-known Joyce Gunn Cairns. 

Here are a few pages of the upcoming brochure to hopefully whet the appetite!

Two dramatic, yet very different artists have inspired and hopefully led to a dramatic and interesting brochure.  I loved working with Alasdair's gorgeous and provocative illustrations and writings.

Then, we have Joyce's delicate yet also provocative paintings.  She manages to create works that are both bold and subtle.  There is really nobody like her.

Both incredibly well-known artists have encouraged arts writers and authors to contribute their views to the brochure.

The exhibition opens on 15th April, and I will be highlighting both artists' extraordinary work in the run up to the Private View.

If you would like to receive one, please contact the gallery.

Thanks for reading!


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