Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Artist's Studio

Yesterday I visited Joyce Gunn Cairns in her Edinburgh studio to collect work for her upcoming exhibition with Alasdair Gray.  I love visiting artists in their studios, but particularly Joyce.  Her beautiful work adorns every surface, and each time I visit I know everything will have shifted and evolved, and new beautiful pieces will have emerged.

The Beautiful Lady Herself

The work she has produced for the upcoming exhibition is quite exquisite.  A strong collection of paintings, drawings and screen prints which hopefully go some way to illustrate the sensitive, thought-provoking, intelligent and creative range that she possesses.

'That Rare Thing'

Amongst her many works, you will find a couple of beautiful portraits of Alasdair Gray, which deftly capture the great man's character.  As well as other artistic luminaries, he has sat for her several times over the years.  Apparently most impressed with the artist and her work, it was Alasdair who suggested they one day exhibit together.  I am immensely appreciative that Smithy Gallery is housing this collaboration.

Joyce With The Handsome Photographer - Thanks Andrew!

It is always an honour to spend time in the heart of an artist's creative space.  An incredibly powerful window into their thoughts and feelings.  Thank you for your hospitality Joyce.

This is us!

The Joyce Gunn Cairns and Alasdair Gray exhibition will be available to view on the website later this week.

The exhibition previews on Sunday 15 April.

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