Friday, April 06, 2012


What can I say about Alasdair Gray? 

As his exhibition with Joyce Gunn Cairns approaches, and I read more of his writings, and learn more and more about him, I become even more in awe of him than I already was.

Alasdair Gray and Joyce Gunn Cairns (Photograph by Julie Howden)

His view on the world is completely unique to himself and he isn't afraid to express it boldly, provocatively and beautifully.  He has done so continually throughout his life.  His works are unfettered.  He is an absolute rarity.

He also has legions of fans.  I find this reassuring because unbridled talent, boldness and originality should be celebrated.  And he is. I'm feeling butterflies when I think about him exhibiting at Smithy Gallery.

But I also know him to be a very down-to-earth and kind man.  The people of Scotland, and beyond, have taken him to their hearts and he could never be anything but warm and approachable.

Okay this hasn't helped, I'm still in awe.

Perhaps I should think of him as 'awe-inspiring' . . . . or better yet, why don't I drop the 'awe' and maybe just say 'inspiring'.  I think Alasdair would much prefer that.  What more could a true artist want.

The exhibition previews 15 April.

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  1. Oh Natalie, what a wonderful champion you are. and i'm so thrilled by your growing admiration for alasdair. there is something quite saintlike about him isn't there, even though he is the last person who would countenance such a description! so looking forward to next sunday. love joycexx