Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The sun is out in all its glory and everything seems to cease for a moment as we wonder at the blue of the sky and the comforting warmth we feel just by being outdoors.

This is a rare phenomenon in Scotland and must be enjoyed at all costs before the clouds descend once more, hiding that rarely seen glowing ball.

I've been musing in the gallery's little cottage garden today about beauty in art and beauty in nature, whether the two can be compared. 

Nature's beauty is exquisite and seemingly infinite in it's variety.  Art is as varied as the people who choose to create it but certainly isn't always exquisite.  Beautiful art can be bold, simple even, but when it's successful the balance is exquisite.  Perhaps the experience of beauty in any of its forms is an exquisite experience.

Artists through the ages have been inspired by nature, trying to capture it's beauty and life.  Even though the flowers are usually cut, they seem to spring to life through the artist's eyes.  I love this little painting in our current Laura Harrison exhibition.  It makes me happy just to look at it.

What a beauty.  I must pop my head outside again though, just to compare. . . . .

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