Friday, May 18, 2012

Six Degrees

I'm surrounded by beautiful paintings, hanging the new exhibition.  Six Degrees of Separation previews this Sunday and it is around this point that I start to get butterflies.  There is so much planning that goes into an exhibition.  And when that first exciting thought is so close to fruition, you want to get it right!  

I have invited six very different and successful artists to exhibit together, and luckily they said yes!

Kevin Low

Kevin Low is fast becoming one of Scotland's best known digital painters.  His work is striking and enigmatic.  Using the newest medium championed by David Hockney, there will only ever be ten of each, making them pleasingly affordable.  Each painting draws you into the world of a carefully crafted character, back story and all.  They are at once intriguing, witty and mysterious.  I want one.


Kirsty Wither

Kirsty Wither is a beautiful artist and a beautiful girl who has been the darling of the London and Edinburgh art scene for several years now.  Her shimmering landscapes and still lifes are an ode to the medium of paint, and look good enough to eat.  Her success is well-deserved and I am delighted to be showing her at Smithy Gallery.

Christopher Wood RSW

Christopher Wood RSW is a fabulous Edinburgh-based abstract artist.  He was recently honoured with the role of President of the Society of Scottish Artists.  His work graces many impressive public collections, and amongst his esteemed collectors are HRH Prince Charles (and me!).

Emma Waine

Another bold and abstract artist is young and upcoming artist Emma Waine. Already the winner of scholarships and awards, watch this space!

Alice McMurrough

I love Alice McMurrough.  Her paintings are steeped in theatrical characters, symbolism, legend and narrative.  Always strangely beautiful, the viewer must study the detail and make up their own minds.

Hazel Nagl RGI RSW PAI

Hazel Nagl is a really beautiful painter, with the accolades to prove it.  I have wanted to exhibit her work for a long time.  Her paintings are dramatic but tonally subtle, always imparting a sense of space and light.

The exhibition is now available to view online at

Thanks for reading!