Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Not once have I missed writing a blog post! 

Every Tuesday and Friday I love the chance to write.  However serious or frivolous, it's a pleasure to write, and a privilege that people take the time to read it.

But yesterday I missed one . . . for the very first time.  Well, it was my birthday, and I am of the opinion that birthdays are special, whatever digits you have clocked up!

So here I am, a day late, after running away on a birthday adventure.  I believe we are all children at heart.  That is, unselfconscious and in awe of the beauty of the world we find ourselves surrounded by.  So I was taken away on a beautiful adventure, exploring some of the gems of Scotland that when we lift our heads, we see glow and sparkle in all directions.

Now I am happily back in the gallery surrounded by all the new work for Six Degrees of Separation opening this Sunday.

I feel invigorated.  Very happy to have had my senses caressed by the wonderful flora and fauna of the Scottish landscape, but now very happily inspired by the spectrum of creativity that our wonderful Scottish artists enhance our world with.

Six very special and diverse artists will be exhibiting together in Six Degrees of Separation which opens at the gallery this Sunday at 2pm.  For details please check

I can't wait!

Thanks for reading!


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