Friday, May 04, 2012

A Life in Pictures

Being immersed in all things Alasdair Gray for the last month has been more than an enriching experience. 

Having always been aware of this great Scottish talent, I wasn't really familiar with the depth and breadth of the man and his contribution to the world of art, literature, also spreading into the fields of philosophy, politics and religious debate.

The exhibition has has been a feast for my eyes, heart and mind, and I think the man is astonishing.  I have been reading his stunning autobiography A Life in Pictures.  It charts his family background, his childhood, inspirations, loves, losses, and of course the works of art that have been the constant heartbeat in the background and in the foreground of his life.

Most of all, he communicates with the world the way few of us are able to do.  Some of the writings can floor you with their brutal honesty.  But you get it, you know what he means, he just said it first.  And then come the illustrations, where colour and each line of intricate beauty make the words bigger and rounder because everything has dimension, light and shade, and most of all, things always change depending on where and when you are viewing them from.

As I make my way through his writings my mind, at least momentarily, is moved from it's well-worn path.  I feel enriched.  I only experience this in the beauty of nature and in the presence of great art. 

This exhibition continues until 13 May.  Catch it while you can.

We also have several copies of Alasdair's beautifully illustrated autobiography (and they're cheaper than in the shops!).

Thanks for reading!


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