Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Six Degrees of Separation

Around half way through an exhibition, I have to turn my attention to what is coming next.  And it's a goodie, so here's a taster before the invitations are sent out!

Our next exhibition, Six Degrees of Separation, previews on 20 May.   This well known phrase refers to the idea that everybody on earth is approximately six steps away from everybody else.  So in effect a chain of people, places or events can be identified that links us all.

I'm using it to refer to six very successful artists, all with different backgrounds and styles, but who are now going to be linked by exhibiting at Smithy Gallery.  Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare also happens to be one of my favourite plays, so run with me!

More importantly, this is who is coming to Smithy Gallery . . . .

The beautiful Kirsty Wither, who has reached stellar heights over the last few years in London and Edinburgh is finally coming to Smithy Gallery.  And we're over the moon!

I am delighted that Edinburgh's Christopher Wood RSW will be showing alongside Kirsty.  One of my all-time favourite painters, his works have depth, passion and the most beautiful of palettes.  It makes me hungry just to look at them! I have a large painting of his hanging in my lounge, but I think it will be time for another one!

Then we have our youngest artist, Emma Waine.  I have been excited about her work from the moment I saw it.  She creates canvases of all sizes with a boldness and energy that you don't often see.  There is meaning behind all of her works.  She travels extensively with sketchbook in hand and notes all aspects of her journeys.  These experiences culminate in vibrant pieces that I just love.  She's been busy winning awards and scholarships and I'm so glad to be exhibiting this rising star.

I love it when out of the blue I see something different that completely captures my attention.  I especially love it when it also happens to be very beautiful.  This is work by Kevin Low and I had no idea just how different his work was until I asked him about it.  They are paintings, but they are painted digitally.  Not a paint brush in sight!  He uses the technique now being championed by David Hockney.  It is art, it is creation, but by means of a new medium.

Also working with a feather-light touch is Hazel Nagl, but with very different results.  She is a beautiful painter, creating works way beyond her subject matter.  I have admired her for many years.  Her work is unique to her and the paintings always catch your eye and lift your mood, like sun breaking through the clouds.

And then there is Alice.  Alice McMurrough creates worlds of dark, light, magic, symbolism and wonder.  They are beautiful and intriguing and these narrative works invite the viewer into a different world.  You can dip your toe in, or go the whole way!

Six Degrees of Separation - a wonderful play and soon to be a very wonderful exhibition!

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