Friday, May 25, 2012

Kevin Low

Kevin Low is currently exhibiting in our new exhibition, Six Degrees of Separation.

I spotted his work a year or so ago and was immediately taken with it.  This response is always what I'm on the look out for, and it doesn't happen very often.

The Acrobat

His work is striking and enigmatic.  Each painting draws you into the world of a carefully crafted character, complete with back story, hopes and dreams.  They are at once intriguing, witty and mysterious.  And most intriguing of all, this isn’t painting as we know it.

Annie Copeland as the Ingenue from 'The Devil in the Wings'

Kevin is using a new technique to create his beautiful works.  Recently championed by David Hockney, the technique of digital painting is being explored by more and more artists.  Never to replace painting, it is another medium that can now be used to create works of art.

Miss Heatherwicke as 'Winter'

He draws and paints with a digital 'tablet' and 'pen', building up layers and layers until his vision is complete.  Then they are printed using the highest quality archival papers and inks. Each print is produced only in an edition of 10, making them pleasingly more affordable.  They will never be reproduced.

Parlour Window Waiting

Kevin is fast becoming one of Scotland’s best-known digital painters and we are delighted to welcome this new medium and it’s gorgeous results to Smithy Gallery.

The medium, like any other is secondary to what is created.  I think these paintings are beautiful and intriguing, and yes I'm taking one home with me!

Take a look at the website for all of Kevin's paintings at 
And just look at those red dots!

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  1. Just spied your blog via blog train. Loving the style of this art. Subtle colours - simply charming.

  2. Jan, they are quite beautiful, glad you think so too!