Friday, May 11, 2012

Truth Wins Out

It is a wonderful thing when art encourages discussion and debate, broadening into fields far beyond the gallery walls.

Joyce Gunn Cairns  - Childhood Unmasked

The Alasdair Gray and Joyce Gunn Cairns exhibition ends this Sunday, and for me, it has been a joyful experience.

Alasdair Gray - Inside

It has been the busiest exhibition the gallery has had yet which doesn't surprise me, but what does, is the time and enjoyment people have taken over looking, reading, pondering and discussing both of the artists' work.  Staying a while and taking it all in.  It has been an exhibition of many elements, and also one of a kind.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this special exhibition such a success, especially to all the art-lovers who are taking a little part of the exhibition home with them!

The opening of the exhibition

I really want to thank the wonderful Joyce Gunn Cairns for creating such beautiful and thought-provoking work, and also for her friendship and encouragement.  She's a very special person and it has been a joy to get to know her even better than I already did.

Joyce in her studio

Thank you to Alasdair Gray for being the unique and talented human being he is.  He has brought a lot of joy and intrigue to the gallery for the last five weeks.  People have come in their droves to appreciate this huge Scottish talent and I am delighted to say like myself, some have been inspired to read or re-read one of his many works, or to again enjoy one of his several murals adorning well-known Glasgow landmarks.
Alasdair and Joyce - artists and friends

What I am most pleased about is the publlic's response to work that deals with some serious and challenging subjects.  The work of these artists is beautiful, but not always pretty.  It has shown me that great talent and and the ability to get to the truth of the matter, whatever the subject, has a beauty and joy all of its own.

The exhibition continues until Sunday 13 May.

Thanks for reading!


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