Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Opening

You never really know how well an exhibition opening is going to go.  One Private View is always a little different from the last.  This makes it exciting and a little nerve-wracking!

My thinking is this: as long as the work is exceptional - check!  The hanging is done as well as possible - check!  And you lavish your guests with champagne, canapes, music - check, check, check!  The rest is up to the atmosphere created by each and every person that comes.

And the atmosphere on Sunday was fabulous.  The moment we opened at 2pm, people arrived en masse and everyone seemed to be smiling and on and on it went.  Twenty-six pieces sold, canapes vanished, champagne ran dry (always a sign of an opening above and beyond my imagination. Don't worry, it won't happen again!).

It was a fabulous party and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Thank you to all the art-lovers who came and enjoyed the show, and of course to the artists for the beautiful and eclectic work that made for a very successful start to a very Affordable Art Show.

Here is a little celebration of some of the beautiful paintings that sold:

Emma Waine's beautiful abstract piece, Indian Details.  She's our youngest artist, fearless, and very much a rising star. . . .

The inimitable Gordon Wilson - already a star!  This is Bea and Bee . . . .

The newly appointed RSW, Sian MacQueen.  This is Midnight Rhino, I'm a huge fan of her work and we will be having a three-person show with her later this year . . . .

Our eldest artist, the highly esteemed David Martin RSW RGI.  This is Mandolin and Pears and I am always delighted that he gives me small works for our annual Affordable Art Show.  He's a very busy man . . . .

Just a small taster of the many beautiful pieces that sold.  Of course we have many more paintings from these and many more artists.  The exhibition continues until 26th February.

Thanks for reading!


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