Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Artist

I just saw the film The Artist at the cinema.  Sometimes I think we feel we have seen it all, that we almost expect to be disappointed.  Isn't is wonderful when something is even better than you expected.  The attention to detail was stunning. It was sweet, funny, uplifting.  And it was original.

As much as I like a little familiarity in my life, originality is what I'm looking for.  I have invited the artists that I admire to exhibit in The Affordable Art Show, opening this Sunday.   Around twenty-five have come to the gallery with their collections of paintings, wrapped up like secrets.

I know each artist's work well, but every so often, when I peel back the bubble wrap . . .boom!  It's like a new sensation.  Just fabulous, one of the best feelings!  And yes, I got it with this.  Kevin Low's 'The Dancer Grace Han All Done Up Like Spring'.

Captivating, beautiful, and just a little bit different from traditional painting. 

Yes, this artist has just what I'm looking for.

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