Friday, January 13, 2012

Good News!

I love this bit.  After much organisation, the invitations for the new exhibition have gone out, and the new paintings are starting to arrive!   We always vary our exhibitions throughout the year, but the first show of the year is always our Affordable Art Show.

All of my favourite artists are invited, usually around twenty-five of them, and the one stipulaton is that everything is to be under £500.  Anything else goes!  This leads to a fabulous collection of work, bursting with colour, variety, and of course, Scottish talent.

My heart skips a beat as each artist comes through the door with several new pieces.  It's also lovely for me to catch up with everyone after the new year break.  I am very lucky that all the artists I work with are people I like, many of whom I consider friends.  So a lot of coffee is drunk as we discuss the new work beginning to build up around us, and of course the art world in general. 

I'm pleased to say that so many of the artists I spoke to today are selling well and having a busy time, when all is portrayed as doom and gloom.  It's not, so spread the word!

And come to our Affordable Art Show on 22 January to see for yourselves!

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