Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm so pleased to say that The Affordable Art Show is going well.  The lovely little paintings have been flying off the walls (well not really, I like to keep my paws on the sold paintings until the exhibition ends - well it takes me ages to hang, and they look so good together!).

When all seems to be on the negative side in the news, it's so heartening to see not only beautiful, unique works being produced by hard-working artists - something that I don't think will ever change - but also to see other people taking such enjoyment in them, and then treating themselves to something special.

Perhaps I spend too much time listening to the the news, but all I need to do is to look around the gallery, and I find myself inspired again. Today I'm loving this little head by Margaretann Bennett RSW.  I love that look, it draws you in.

And this little painting by Alice McMurrough makes me smile and gives me shivers all at the same time, fabulous!

Whatever is going on in the world, it's so important to find inspiration however you find it.  Creativity is such a positive force: art in all it's never ending guises.  Sometimes it's all around us, sometimes we have to seek it out.  This is why I think galleries are important. 

I believe art can be found in many things, but you should be guaranteed it when you visit a gallery.  And you may not come away with a painting, but it would be my greatest wish that you would come away with a little inspiration.

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