Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mum's The Word

I'm so pleased to announce that I will at last be having a solo exhibition of new paintings by Laura Harrison, opening at the beginning of March.

She is one of Scotland's best kept secrets, and I plan to change that with this exhibition.

She studied at Glasgow School of Art in the 1960s under David Donaldson, Limner to the Queen, and is a true painterly product of the Art School in what I believe to be its heyday. 

Some of Scotland's greatest talent emerged at this time.  The 60s were such a powerful time, when the constraints on freedom of expression were being loosened, yet the artists were still under the umbrella of focused tutelage on the foundations of painting and drawing.  There were mighty talents teaching at the school at this time, and they made sure students had the privilege of both structure and the freedom to express.

Laura Harrison has been a collectable painter for years.  She has shown with Smithy Gallery several times in group exhibitions and has always been one of our best sellers.

But this will be her first solo exhibition with us, and that's why I'm excited because the work needs to be seen en masse for it's strength and beauty to be fully appreciated.  The new paintings are beautiful.  Bold and vibrant still lifes and landscapes.  It will make for a strong and exciting exhibition.  Just what I like!

And yes, she is also my mum, she gave me my love of art, and is my main inspiration. 
We all know that family can be our biggest critics, so when I say that these paintings are very, very good, you know that I mean it.

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