Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So What's Next?

I'm getting a little excited again.  Yes I know this seems to be happening quite a lot, but that's because I'm surrounded by exciting artists creating beautiful and bold work.  I'm too lucky, and I appreciate it every day!

The Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI continues to wow me, and all who visit.  We are up to sixteen paintings sold so far, which is a wonderful total with almost three weeks to go.

So where do we go from here . . . . well, it has to very different, and it has to be bold . . .  so it has to be Margaretann Bennett RSW!

Having won numerous prestigious awards and the distinction of RSW, Margaretann has become one of Scottish art's more interesting leading lights.  A true artist, she lets her work develop, pushing the boundaries as she goes.  The paintings deal with remembrance, loss and the nature of human existence.  This results in intriguing work that can sometimes cause discomfort, is usually loved, but never ignored.  

A Margaretann Bennett painting grabs the viewer's imagination whether they like it or not, and this is what I love about them.  Like Sandy's work though, they need to be viewed in person to be fully appreciated.  The bold image is created through intricate, delicate layering.

Although her work deals with some serious subjects, there is a lot of humour as well.  Meet . . . . 'Skank Puss'!

I have a feeling he's going to be very popular!

The exhibition opens on October 23rd.  Contact the gallery if you would like be present at the Private View.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of her paintings, I wish I could come, but it is a bit far. Love your blog.

  2. Thanks Anna! I'm a huge fan of her work too. You can view the exhibition online at www.smithygallery.co.uk from 23rd October. I will also be updating regularly on the blog. Thanks for reading, Natalie.