Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seasonal Affective Desire

Well it has been a little blowy at the gallery over the last couple of days!  Hurricane Katia has been to visit, not giving a full hug like she did elsewhere, more like just blowing a kiss, so we've been lucky.  But it's all starting to look a little bit like Autumn and I think I need to accept that longingly waiting for Summer to make an appearance is over for another year. 

Although for me, it's much more about colour than warmth.  There is nothing more beautiful than a baby blue sky framing a riot of autumn shades.  Driving through the countryside towards the Campies is a joy every day, but in Autumn, it's breath-taking.  Okay, I'm just trying to see the positives about the seasons changing!  But I do like to wear soft woollens and it means
I can light the Smithy fire more often, so there, three positives! 

Despite the weather, there have been many people through the door to visit the Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI exhibition.  It seems to have been loved by everyone. From Sandy Murphy collectors, to admiring artists, to people who have never seen his work before, the response has been one of appreciation and admiration for such a beautiful collection of paintings. Otherwise they would have been ejected from the gallery - just kidding!  Well, it hasn't been necessary so far!

Colour and tone is what I think Sandy's work is all about, and far from being a riot, the exhibition creates a soft symphony of shades.  I've heard oohs and ahhs from people, they've stayed a little longer than usual and there has been a general feeling of warmth.

So thank you Sandy, I think it's exactly what we all need right now.

The exhibition continues until 16th October.  So plenty of time for people to enjoy it, including me.

Thanks for reading!


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