Friday, September 23, 2011

Lucky Lucky Dip

You may have noticed it's dark and rainy today.  I see this as an excuse to wear soft jumpers and drink more tea than usual.  But look what just arrived in the gallery to brighten my day!!

I love this, a box full of little polystyrene shapes.  I never look at the delivery list first, I will dip my hand into the depths of the spongy whiteness and pull out one beautiful ceramic after another until I'm sure I've gotten them all.  It's important to delve both arms up to the elbows and swoosh them around at the end, just to be sure.  I love this, it reminds me of the first time you do a lucky dip when you're a tot.  There's nothing quite as exciting.  Although I realise this may just be me . . . .

So look, beautiful new ceramics by Devonshire artist Pauline Zelinski!

This work has been incredibly popular in the gallery recently, hence another new delivery fresh from the kiln. 

I think we are all needing a little colour in our lives, and these hand-painted little beauties do the job!

Happy, affordable, beautiful, functional, what more can you ask for!  I'm deciding which one is coming home with me . . .

Thanks for reading!


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