Friday, September 09, 2011


I went to the dentist this morning before coming to the gallery.  This dentist is the Carlsberg of dentists.  I always seem to be the only one there.  The experience can be like a strange dream, a little David Lynchian at times, but it's all good. You settle yourself in the big chair to the elegant strains of classical music.  There are candles (not just candles) and the dentist gives you encouraging, soothing compliments the whole way along.  I got a 'well done' when I rinsed.  And I believed it! 

But it was a whole forty five minutes when I wasn't able to talk about the Sandy Murphy exhibition.  This is unheard of to anyone who knows me right now.  And he was asking me as well.  I lay helpless, making small sounds.

As the paintings swam in front of my eyes, I forgot about the sharp implement exploring my mouth.  I listened to the beautiful music, and thought about how the success of the exhibition opening on Sunday has taken days to sink in.  Such an amazing reaction, such positivity at a time when we are told that all is negative.  Well all is not negative, people were glowing, excited, happy and they were buying.  

And it has continued all week.  This exhibition is six weeks long, longer than usual, because I want it to have as many visitors as possible.  The magic of the collection is hard to explain.  I can't put my finger on it.  It just has a radiating beauty about it. 

I'm sure the dentist is an art-lover, and I began to wonder if he can read thoughts. . . . 

Ooh rinse . . . well done me! 

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