Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Show Time . . . .

After months of groundwork, weeks of preparation, and the hours and hours of hanging, when I have finally prepared every detail for the opening of an exhibition at 1pm on the Sunday, something a little unpleasant happens.

I have done everything I can to hang the exhibition as best I can. The paintings are hopefully balanced with the space as a whole, and each other - the most important part.  Then there are all the other details. Every flower looks beautiful and the chocolates look inviting.  The fire is lit, I've poured the champagne and its sparkling in its glasses, and the sparkling water sits there wishing it was champagne.  But when it's all done, and I stand for those few minutes waiting . . .

. . . .  it feels like being suspended.  It's like being in a vacuum, but is it going to be filled? 

My mind races.  This is the only bit I don't like about what I do.  I have done a million things to prepare the exhibition, but I never actually know how many people are going to come.  It's Sunday, things happen on a Sunday like 10Ks, and family parties and shopping trips and Wimbledon finals and . . . . .

But this Sunday, the doors open again and again and again, then Sandy Murphy arrives and the people just keep coming.  The champagne runs out (this has never happened before), the chocolates were scoffed (I didn't get one) and the sales just keep coming. 

This was the best opening the gallery has had, and we've had a few good ones.  It's all about atmosphere and it's the people that create that.  Sandy created the most beautiful paintings, I did my bit, and then the vacuum was filled with Sandy Murphy fans, enthusiastic art-lovers, gallery-goers, and people passing by doing their usual Sunday routine, but wanting to know why there were cars lined up all over Blanefield and why people were spilling out of Smithy Gallery.

Thanks to Sandy and the hundreds of people who made it a day to remember!


PS I was too busy to take photos when it was really mobbed!  :)


  1. Hope you at least treated yourself to a sweetie afterwards :)....looks stunning, I really enjoy your writing filled with love at what you do....

  2. Thank you Elizabeth, that's a really lovely thing for me to hear. Natalie

  3. Thanks Charlie!