Friday, September 30, 2011

Points of View

Perspective.  It's everything really.  What angle you are looking at something from, what surrounds it, and how closely you are pressing your nose up against it.  A person, or a situation or a painting can look very different depending on this.

People often remark in the gallery how refreshing it is to have distance with which to view the works.  It's quite a big uninterrupted space, so people have the freedom to look at the paintings closely, and then reappraise them from a distance.  Most rooms aren't this big and so the painting would never be viewed this way at home, but people like to enjoy the different perspectives before making their decision. 

I have noticed when a person begins to do this, to look at one particular painting in different ways, that's when they are falling for it.  It's love, but it's not blind, they want to see it as it really is before spending a lifetime together.  Very wise!

Sandy Murphy often cleverly plays with perspective.  These beautiful still lifes are all about colour, tone and texture, but the subtle altering of the way things really are is what makes them stimulating and surprising, and so much more than representational.

Visitors to this exhibition have been spending a lot more time in the gallery than usual.  Looking closely at each painting, then from afar.  The fascination with what makes them special has been a joy to watch. 

As we all know, nothing lasts forever and the exhibition ends on 16th October.  And I'm going to enjoy it from all angles up until then!

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