Friday, June 22, 2012

The Talented Mr Rossi

All the Carlo Rossi RSW RGI paintings have now arrived at the gallery for the Memorial Exhibition opening on 1st July.


I expected a good collection, but nothing like this.  I adored Carlo, and I would exhibit his beautiful works in mixed exhibitions whenever he would let me.  He didn't paint to exhibit, he painted everyday because it was who he was, it was what he loved.  If I was very lucky, he would allow me to choose a couple of my favourite paintings to spirit away to the gallery!

Bomarzo, Lazio

Although Carlo was born in Glasgow, both of his parents came from Italy and the family was steeped in all things Italian.  It was almost as if he knew the sights and sounds before he ever travelled there. The history of the family is intriguing and Carlo's sons Paolo and Mario have written fascinating essays compiled in a beautiful catalogue especially for the exhibition.

The Artist's Mother

Although Carlo continued to live in Glasgow, he met a lovely girl who was visiting from Barga, Tuscany and when they married, he finally got to visit his beloved Italy.  

He and Vittoria spent much time there, and I think it may have become a spiritual home for him. This love and passion comes through in his paintings.  The warm golden light of Italy sparkles in them, even in his scenes of Glasgow! 

Art Nouveau Building, Alexander Parade

A Little Gem-215 High Street

When I went to meet his son Paolo at Carlo's studio, it was quite an experience to go through the many paintings that were there.  I could hear Carlo saying with a smile 'Now just two!'.

I got a lot more than two this time, and I hope Carlo knows how much I am going to enjoy filling the gallery with works of his from 1946 to 2008, so that people can see what an extraordinary talent he was.

La Fornacetta Barga

Having been a little tentative about how I would feel, I am gladdened to say that I feel joy, and not sadness that I get to exhibit Carlo's work when he is no longer here.  The works have already filled the gallery with sparkle and light, and anyone who has seen them peaking out of there bubble wrap has been wanting to see more and more.

Donne Innamorate

The exhibition opens on Sunday 1st July and I can't wait.

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