Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Six Degrees of Success!

We have one week to go of our current Six Degrees of Separation exhibition.  I have loved this show.  The idea was to bring together six well known artists whose work is very different, almost incompatible.  But as with most things, there are threads that run through us, binding us together whether we like it or not! 

The contrast in this exhibition is so striking, people have really been enjoying going from one artist's work to another. It's fascinating for me to see how different people fall in love, or otherwise, with different works.  All of these paintings have been bought by enthusiastic art-lovers.  These exquisite Kirsty Wither's with their vibrancy and lust for life are all going to good homes.

And then the mysterious Kevin Low's have intrigued, sometimes unsettled, but mainly captivated their onlookers.  He creates compelling characters that draw you in and these are some of the ones that couldn't be resisted!

I am a huge fan of Kevin's work and as his work is new to the gallery, I am delighted he has been selling well.  It means he will hopefully return!

The jewel in our crown, our choice of invitation cover, was this exquisite painting by the brilliant Alice McMurrough.  It was unsurprisingly snapped up immediately and it has drawn many people through the gallery doors.  Thank you Alice!

And I had a feeling this little(or is he huge) pooch would find a good home to go to!

There are of course just as many paintings that have been fallen in love with but not purchased.  Here are a few of the most popular.

Hazel Nagl RSW RGI PAI

       Christopher Wood RSW

Kirsty Wither

Alice McMurrough

Kevin Low

It's affirming to see such enthusiasm for creativity, imagination and self-expression when our world seems a little under a cloud at the moment.  We will always need our art to buoy us when other things don't make sense.  We don't always have to understand what we are looking at, but our reactions help us to gauge and engage our thoughts and feelings.  We have no choice but to react - that is what art does, like music and natural beauty.  It encourages you to feel a little different from the way you do right now.

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