Friday, June 08, 2012

Carlo Rossi Memorial Exhibition

I feel honoured to have been asked to hold a memorial exhibition for the late, great Carlo Rossi RSW RGI.  Carlo passed away at the age of ninety in 2010 and his two sons want to pay tribute to their father.  They have chosen four galleries from around the UK that Carlo favoured, and I am touched to be one of them.

La Fornacetta Barga

I met Carlo around five years ago, having always been a fan of his glittering Italian scenes and strong linear still lifes.  I didn't know that when I met him I would like him so much too.  I have exhibited him often in group exhibitions, and I was pleased to see that the admirers of his work were as enthusiastic as I was.

Still Life with Fruit Bowl

Unfortunately Carlo never made it to the gallery.  I would visit him at his home in the east end of Glasgow and be allowed to chose four paintings, perhaps only two, of the array in front of me.  He would smile a little at this, knowing I found it hard to choose.  

San Gimignano

The exhibition promises to be a dramatic array of works spanning  Carlo's seventy year career.

Carlo as a young man

The memorial exhibition opens on 1 July and the exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue commemorating Carlo's life and work.

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